Meet Terry the Taxi!

4V3A6131Introducing Terry, an original 1969 Austin FX4 London Taxi. The 1960s were, a time of significant cultural and social change in London, and we have managed to secure a piece of history from “Swinging London.” Terry is the newest addition to our vintage vehicle family here at VintageFiesta.

We found our classic taxi at a garage sale in the heart of the Bay Area one sunny afternoon. When we heard the owner was moving out of town and Terry was up for grabs we just had to make sure it came home with us!

A short three months after bringing Terry home, it was debuted at our sister company SnapFiesta’s five year anniversary party. The taxi was located indoors for our guests to enjoy as they entered or exited the venue. Terry added the perfect touch of charm to our classy ambiance. Guests were extremely impressed with the convenience of our vintage vehicle photobooth as they picked up their instant printouts.  The photobooth design is simplistic, reminiscent of a vintage camera with an off camera flash.

Everyone loved the effortless elegance of the London Taxi as they stepped in and modeled with our London inspired props. Measuring  at about 15 feet long the vehicle can sit about three to five people comfortably. All of the doors open towards the middle of the car and the steering wheel is located on the right side truly making it THE quintessential vintage vehicle!